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Our award winning CAD design team’s deep expertise advising between functionality and production costs gives us the ability to bring to life not only industry standard folding-carton packaging, but also out of the ordinary packaging prototypes.

Our state of the art technology delivers the final touch with brilliant, vibrant, environmentally conscious UV inks and coatings to make sure every one of your packages makes a bold statement!

Order free samples today of our most recent work, or contact us to see our top selling paper choices such as 18pt paperboard or our favorite sustainable option, Tree Free Sugarcane Board.

Dropper Bottle
Structural design is fundamental for your project, relying on a blend of functionality, production cost, damage security, originality and most importantly – shelf appeal! Our highly experienced design team is trained to consider these important aspects when designing your folding carton package. Computer-Assisted-Drafting (CAD) allows Moquin Press award-winning design team to provide you with quick turnaround times on samples, prototypes and electronic die lines. Some examples of our expertise include:
  • Custom-shape designs
  • Reverse Tuck End (RTE)
  • Custom-shape designs
  • Auto bottom boxes
  • Roll End Locking Front (RELF)
  • Snap-lock Bottom Boxes (TTSLB)
  • Tuck Top Auto Bottom (TTAB)
  • Frame view boxes
  • Gable-top boxes
  • Sleeves

We create prototypes for every packaging product at Moquin Press before we print, score, die cut, fold and glue. This helps ensure that your product is accurate to your specifications. Have our structural design team create an initial prototype of your design and supply you with the die lines to lay your artwork!

  • Prototyping allows you to see, touch, feel and build your concept. 
  • Analyze the dimensions
  • Shape the consumer experience by putting it together
  • Test the manufacturing filling process
  • Drop-test for package security
  • Modify and perfect your design

Equipped with the latest technology, our award-winning team makes sure your artwork is set up correctly to print and transform into a physical product. Printing is extremely complex, especially when converting multi-layered finishes and intricate designs. Our prepress team has decades of awarded print and packaging experience!

  • Document Bleed and Die Lines
  • Printing in CMYK + PMS
  • Heidelberg Multicolor
  • Option to convert RGB Artwork 
  • Three-Dimensional Proofs
  • Online Proofing

Moquin Press offers state-of-the-art technology. We realize you spend a lot of time and money on your design and artwork. It’s our responsibility to ensure that your graphics will be produced with the highest standard of quality.

Brilliant. Vibrant. True Color.


Moquin Presshas an in-house ink lab, which partners with Ink Systems Inc®.  Our UV ink allows us to bring brilliant imagery and packaging to life. We can create on-the-spot drawdowns matching specific color or previous print samples, utilizing Delta E values to ensure accuracy.

Whether it’s a unique spot color or textured coating, we provide the widest range of inks and coatings for any print or packaging application. Some examples of our unique offerings:

  • White Ink
  • Metallic Ink
  • PMS
  • Soft Touch Coating
  • Gloss UV | Spot UV
  • Gloss, Matte and Dull Varnish 
  • Water-Based Gloss, Matte and Dull Coatings

Environmental Benefits of our UV inks include reduced use of solvents and pollutants as well as reduced energy and fossil fuel consumption. Lower greenhouse gas emissions and easier recovery and recycling of printing

Steel rule dies are durable and dependable. Designed using a custom steel rule and a die base, our steel rule dies are created for long-lasting durability. 

Using your artwork file, we cut a high-density birch board on our routing table, bend and lay the cutting-edge rule and finish with an ejection rubber overlay. After the steel rule die cut process, we will retain your die in our warehouse for future production, saving you time and money.

The die making process is a true form of art, and typically outsourced by companies today. Our team takes great pride in creating our own custom dies and we encourage you to come and witness the process! 

Moquin Press is a Bay Area, Green-Certified facility, committed to providing sustainable packaging of the future. As a print and packaging company, focused on minimizing our carbon footprint, we realize that it’s our responsibility to help preserve the environment. We have several policies in place amongst our teams, from sustainable materials to waste management and recycling programs. We are your sustainable packaging solution!

Moquin Press offers several environmentally friendly packaging solutions:

  • FSC Certified
  • Earth-friendly Inks
  • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable
  • 100% Post Consumer Materials
  • Substrate with reduced environmental impact
  • Substrates that Don’t Contribute to deforestation
  • Tree Free Options Without Bleaches, Chemicals or Dyes

We offer inventory management to our customers, and can store inventory for on-demand delivery. This allows customers to take advantage of lower unit pricing, who are unable to store larger amounts of inventory.

All products are accounted for within our inventory management system, ensuring pinpoint accuracy. Our team is available to send reports on current inventory, which are automatically updated in our system.

At Moquin Press, our quality control is inspected with trained eyes and camera detection systems implemented throughout our production process. From the moment your job is on press, our machines scan every sheet at 18,000 sheets per hour. Utilizing Delta E, our system ensures 100% accuracy in color management and registration. From print to finish, we are continuously investing in the highest levels of quality assurance detection technology.

Our culture is built on continuous improvement. All Moquin Press employees receive continual training in team dynamics, basic statistical tools and quality control procedures. We proudly represent the highest standards of quality certifications:

  • Ask us about our ISO 9001:2015 certification!
  • G7 Master Certified
  • Team Based Quality Control Training

At Moquin Press, we guarantee 100% defect free packaging.

We print special effects. 

The technology systems on our 40” Heidelberg Presses are unique. We are proud to be one of the only companies in North America with this state-of-the-art printing technology. Multicolor technology covers up to 95 percent of the PANTONE® color guide with the CMYK process colors and the three additional colors orange, green, and violet — and does so to perfection.

Our software converts all spot colors into Multicolor process colors. We can convert RGB files into Multicolor to match the print to digital artwork.  Printing with this technology truly has to be seen to be believed.

What extended gamut offers you:

  • Convert 4-color process artwork into brilliant, vivid, high-definition images
  • Save production costs on eliminating traditional spot colors
  • Less waste, shorter production and faster delivery times
  • Print Color Management Service, ensuring optimum print quality that can be reproduced at any time
  • Infinite color and coating capabilities
  • Several aqueous and UV coating options
  • Certified in-house PANTONE® ink formulating


Moquin’s color technology offers maximum potential for savings combined with outstanding and unrivaled image quality.

Moquin has in-house foil stamping capabilities, providing our customers with an array of special enhancements to customize their packaging. Foil stamping is widely used to add elegance to your printed piece and create a sophisticated array of design and color that jumps off the shelf.

All of our foil stamping work is tightly registered for even the most detailed applications. Ask your Moquin sales representative for ideas and samples of our award-winning foil stamped packaging.

For our environmentally conscious customers, our foil is recyclable!

Moquin has in-house embossing and debossing capabilities, which adds dimension to your folding cartons, including multi-level and pattern embossing for a truly engaging customer experience. All of our embossing and debossing work is tightly registered for even the most detailed applications:

  • Blind Emboss | Deboss
  • Register Emboss | Deboss
  • Combination Emboss | Deboss

Ask your Moquin sales representative for technical assistance regarding the conversion of digital artwork and see samples of our very creative embossed and debossed packaging. 

Die-cutting, similar to die making, is a true art form. It requires a skilled hand combined with years of experience. Moquin’s precision die cutting capabilities allow us to offer you some very intricate carton designs. Offering the best in Swiss precision, Moquin uses Bobst die cutters for the utmost, tightest registration tolerances possible.  By combining automation, accuracy and our team of highly experienced craftsmen, Moquin is a leader in precision folding cartons.

Moquin continuously invests into the latest folding and gluing equipment, making our finishing capabilities truly state-of-the-art. Built for both speed and precision, our new Bobst ExpertFold equipment can deliver precision folding and gluing on the most intricate designs. We can efficiently produce packaging with patterns that allow for quick expansion, multiple compartments, and creative folds on a variety of board types.

We can handle both large and short runs effectively. Moquin cartons are guaranteed to perform well, whether machine or hand filled.

Our shipping department is equipped to deliver anywhere in the world. Additionally, Moquin Press operates a fleet of trucks for local Bay Area delivery. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about packaging at Moquin Press.
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