Moquin Press

Our Sustainability Pledge

Eco-conscious Packaging

We are proud to offer a more sustainable alternative to packaging. Our sugarcane upcycled paper initiative is made of the by-product of sugarcane production. 

Our MoquinFX™ technology uses UV cured inks that trap VOCs in the paper reducing greenhouse emissions. We also offer a great alternative to petroleum-based inks using inks made with renewable resin and vegetable oils.

Recycle - Reuse - Reduce

We understand that all of our clients have different needs. Therefore, we have partnered with FSC® Certified paper mills to offer our clients paperboard made from FSC® recycled or reclaimed materials, as well as, responsibly managed forests.

Our FSC® Certification license code FSC-C001889 ensures that all the recycled paperboard we offer comes from post-consumer recycled or reused materials.

We want to ensure that your packaging will be produced with the highest standard of quality while having the smallest effects possible on the environment.

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