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COSMOPACK – Packaging Expert Coverage of Trade Show

Packaging Trends 2023

Earth Conscious consumerism is leading the beauty industry. Most of the brands that interacted with us during the show were seeking sustainable alternatives and looking to get ahead of upcoming environmental legislation affecting CPGs. In addition, skincare and beauty brands were not willing to sacrifice the look and feel of their boxes. Primary and secondary packaging are the first interaction that a consumer has with the brand and the goal for packaging experts was to find a substitute that wouldn’t compromise that experience. Luckily, with our Tree Free Upcycled Packaging (TFUP), sustainability never looked so good!

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Tree Free Upcycled Packaging is the total package

We proudly made a statement at Cosmopack with our Tree Free Upcycled Packaging. Attendees were able to see and feel the quality of our Earth Conscious paperboard, making their decision to switch to Tree Free Upcycled Packaging definite.

You can pair our Tree Free Upcycled Packaging (TFUP) with shiny or matte foils, add spot-UV or soft touch coatings for a unique feel or elevate your boxes’ look with multilevel embossings.

Answers to the Most Asked Questions Regarding TFUP

Is Tree Free Upcycled Paper similar to FSC-certified Paper? Tree Free Upcycled Paper does not have any wood fibers it is made of 100% sugarcane bagasse a by-product of sugar production, while FSC-certified paper is made of tree fibers sourced from FSC-managed forests.

What makes Tree Free Upcycled packaging better for the environment? Tree Free Upcycled Packaging is made of a by-product, Moquin Press gives these materials a second life by upcycling them into Tree Free Paperboard. Our Tree Free Upcycled Packaging doesn’t only reduce greenhouse emissions, but replacing wood fibers with bagasse reduces the carbon footprint associated with wood fibers.

Is there a big price markup in Tree Free Upcycled Packaging? Our mission is to help reduce the environmental impact of the products we manufacture which is why we have worked with our suppliers to keep Tree Free Upcycled Packaging in the same price range as our regular paper. We want to make sure every company has the opportunity to help us save our forests one box at a time.

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