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Food Supply Chain: Moquin Press is Awarded Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program Certification

We are pleased to announce that our two manufacturing facilities have received the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program Certification. Our facilities are compliant with the highest possible global food safety standards through the SQF certification. This certification is recognized worldwide by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers as a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program.

What is the SQF Certification?

GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognizes SQF as a food safety standard. GFSI has approved SQF as one of the benchmarked schemes that meet their stringent requirements for food safety management systems. This recognition means that companies implementing SQF can demonstrate compliance with GFSI’s global standards. The SQF Food Safety Codes aim to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain – from the farm to retail stores.

What does it mean to our current and future customers?

Before our SQF Certification, we employed a strict QA protocol to ensure that our facilities and every label and folding carton we produced met our high standards. The principles upheld by SQF align seamlessly with our company values, emphasizing transparency, continuous improvement, safety, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence,” says Marcio Ribeiro, General Manager. “The esteemed SQF certification reinforces Moquin Press’s commitment as a company focused from its inception on strong processes, quality control, and customer satisfaction, always combining the most advanced technology and the best team in the industry.” 

Mathias Hossokava, Quality Manager and SQF practitioner recounts that achieving the SQF certification has been a strict and challenging process, requiring dedication, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence from every member of the Moquin Press team. He describes it as a transformative experience that has not only elevated their commitment to food safety but has also strengthened the structure of their company. Being entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality has been both an honor and a rewarding challenge.

“Thank you to everyone who played a role in making this certification a reality. Together we have set a new standard for excellence, and I’m excited about the continued growth and success that lies ahead for Moquin Press.”

—Mathias Hossokava

An arduous work that SQF certified companies must embrace, as regular audits are part of the SQF food safety management program. The food safety certification requirements of SQF provide a meticulous process to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry.  An assurance for our customers that the packaging materials they purchase from Moquin Press will be produced under the constant guidance of a food safety management program.

Dominating the food packaging market

In 2021, Moquin Press took its first steps to solidify its presence in the food packaging market by acquiring Valley Printing, a cut and stack label printing company recognized for its large footprint in the Central California food industry. 

Securing this certification was the natural next step for enabling Moquin Press to continue growing as a packaging manufacturer servicing companies in the food and beverage industries with the highest safety standards. “This significant milestone reflects our steadfast commitment to deliver carton packaging and cut stack labels with the highest quality, safety, and customer satisfaction,” says Marcio Ribeiro, General Manager.  “I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the entire Moquin Press team for their hard work and commitment to make this accomplishment possible. This certification demonstrates that Moquin Press has a robust framework for continuous improvement, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the Print Industry.”


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