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Packaging—Our secret to Printing Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging

While the creative process of designing luxury packaging begins in the mind of each founder, it is the designer who creates a look that is reflective of the company’s ethos. For the skincare brand Kūlia, Design Sake Studio’s creative vision focused on the look and feel of the box with “custom floral illustrations inspired by the brand’s connection to the Hawaiian Islands.” Design Sake Studio selected us to bring these delicate and intricate designs to life, knowing only Moquin Press could deliver the highest quality and attention to detail that their award-winning design deserves!

Bringing your ideas to life

Once the design is finished, it is our turn to bring Kūlia and Design Sake Studio’s creative vision to life by prototyping the packaging into CAD and converting the floral illustrations into a 3D sculpted die. After the illustrations that will cover the inside of the box are printed, the sculpted die is pressed against the paper by our embossing machine, creating intricate blind embossing details on the exterior of the box.  

Setting a new standard in sustainable materials

Moquin Press has partnered with the best paper mill companies around the world to offer our clients quality eco-conscious paper options. In the case of Kūlia skincare, the FSC-Certified Neenah Folding Board in PC100 White Eggshell was the best sustainable option for the look and feel of the brand. Neenah’s paper stock has the right thickness to protect Kūlia’s glass bottles, and pairs beautifully with our MoquinFX ink technology—vegetable-based inks that reduce VOC emissions.

Moquin Exclusive technology

Kūlia’s team dedicated special thought to every detail of their products, which is why quality control and consistency are key to guaranteeing a luxurious unboxing experience for every customer. Moquin Press does everything in-house, so we can apply our Moquin Eagle Eyes technology to every step of the printing process to ensure 100% accuracy in color management and registration.


photography and artwork by Jasmine & Michael Keeney— Kūlia Skincare

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