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Earth Day—Tree Free UpCycled Packaging

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Moquin’s Tree Free UpCycled Paperboard was created with the “3Rs” in mind. Reduction and Upcycling are the most effective way to reduce waste.

The waste hierarchy on the right, is a set of priorities for the efficient use of resources, it prioritizes reduction, reuse, and recycling as essential to sustainable materials management. This framework advocates for a circular economy mindset that encourages manufacturers to choose repurposed or upCycled sources for our raw materials.

Using UpCycled Materials

Made from the by-product of sugar cane production, the fibrous material that remains after the sugarcane has been crushed to release its juice can be repurposed into paper pulp. Normally these by-products would be burned, contaminating the air with greenhouse gases. However, Moquin Press gives these materials a second life by upcycling them into Tree Free Paperboard.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Our Tree Free Upcycled Packaging doesn’t only reduce greenhouse emissions as explained above, but replacing wood fibers with bagasse reduces deforestation and the carbon footprint associated with this practice. Moreover, since we are using a byproduct of another industry we are completely eliminating the need to grow and plant crops solely for the purpose of making paper.

As a packaging manufacturer, we understand that the first steps toward sustainability and transforming your products to reduce your company’s environmental impact can be intimidating but Moquin Press can help you measure the environmental impact of switching to Tree Free UpCycled Packaging.

Click here to see some examples of the data we can collect!

The hierarchy image above was taken from EPA’s page on sustainable materials management.

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