Moquin Press

Moquin Press Acquires Valley Printing

Moquin Press bolsters its presence in the food-label printing industry, proving to be a staple in Northern California.

Belmont, Ca., Aug 24, 2021 – As of today Moquin Press has acquired Valley Printing, a cut and stack label printing company recognized for having a large footprint in the Central California food industry. The move to acquire Valley Printing began in June 2021, as part of Moquin Press’ vision to solidify its presence in the cut and stack label industry. The process took 8 weeks and the deal was signed on August 24, 2021.

The acquisition of Valley Printing is just one of the many steps Moquin Press has taken to cement its position in the food-label and packaging industry, a testament to its decades-long evolution and continued prosperity. The company has a proven history of success in the label printing and packaging industry through the implementation of innovative processes that boost quality and productivity. 

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